Leah Knowles, LMP
Massage Therapist

Leah Knowles, LMP provides massage:

  • To promote healing for injuries, chronic pain, inflamation.
  • In gentle care for fibromaylgia or chronic fatigue.
  • In support of cancer care and lymphedema.
  • In support of improving posture.
  • Increasing muscle recovery after workouts.
  • Prenatal and post natal massage either to address related concerns, or as a form of nurturing relaxation during this precious time.
  • In support of weight loss or a renewed commitment to excercise.
  • To provide relaxation and promote change to physical patterns regarding anxiety, depression, and other emotional or stress based dilemmas.
  • In maintainance for healthy people who like to take care of themselves, even in light of having very few complaints.


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Leah Knowles, LMP




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MIST Building

505 State Route 20, Building B

Winthrop, WA 98862


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